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sirenWannaCry Ransomware Cybersecurity Attack

The recently reported WannaCry Ransomware attack was extremely successful and provided an updated means for spreading malicious code very quickly.  Ransomware is a malware that will prevent end users from using their computer by encrypting files, and will ask or demand a ransom of virtual currency known as "Bit Coin" to decrypt the files.
Steps to take to protect yourself:

  • Ensure your personal computer is updated with the latest software and patches. 
  • In you are using older operating system, such as Window XP or Windows 8, you should upgrade as soon as possible.  These versions have been sunset by Microsoft and will not receive updated software and security patches.  Due to the scope of this attack, Microsoft has provided a fix but it will be limited to addressing this event only.  You will be vulnerable to past and future cyberattacks.   
  • You can set your computer to automatically receive software patches as they are released.    Instructions can be found at: 


  • Perform a detailed vulnerability scan of all systems on your network and apply missing patches ASAP.
  • Microsoft has a free tool that is designed to detect this recent threat as well as many others. 
  • Ensure anti-virus and anti-malware solutions have been update with the most recent definition files. 
  • Set anti-virus and anti-malware solutions to automatically conduct regular scans.
  • Use vigilance when using email and clicking on attachments.  This includes PDF, Word, Excel and Powerpoint files.  If you are not expecting to receive a file, do not open it.  Scrutinize links that are embedded in email.  Click on links at your own risk. 
  • Ensure secured backups of all key data.
  • Download software from trusted sources only. 
  • Keep in mind hackers are constantly looking for ways to get to your information.   The WannaCry attack was extremely successful and provided an updated means for spreading malicious code very quickly.   Within 48 hours there were two other versions of the attack. 

sirenRansomware worries?  Keep up to date.

You’ve probably heard about the ransomware attack affecting organizations’ computer systems around the world. It seems to affect server software on organizations’ networked computers. But ransomware can attack anybody’s computer, so now is a good time to update your own operating system and other software. And then keep them up-to-date.

The ransomware in the news now is known as WannaCry or WannaCrypt. It locks users out of their systems until they pay the crooks who installed it. This ransomware takes advantage of a security hole in Windows server software that can be closed by an update from Microsoft. Many of the organizations affected by the ransomware had not installed the software update.
Read the full alert:  Read the OCC Alert

sirenInternal Revenue Service (IRS) Issues Warning On New Tax Phishing Attack

Tax season scams are also starting early this year and the cybercriminals are getting smarter by the month. This current scam works in two steps so watch out for possibly bogus emails attempting to obtain your tax information.

Read the full alert:  Read the IRS Alert

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sirenCriminals are more organized and sophisticated than ever before.

Attacks on ATM machines range from simplistic to highly-organized efforts involving multiple ATMs across the country, hundreds of fraudulent cards and criminal gangs across the globe.

Learn how to avoid skimming fraud Click here to learn how to avoid skimming fraud

Contact us immediately or call your local branch if you suspect that your FCB account may have been compromised in any way by fraud. The sooner we are made aware, the sooner we can help you.

If you've received a suspicious or fraudulent email regarding your account or Florida Community Bank, do not act on it.  Please forward it to ebanking@fcb1923.com so we can investigate it for you.


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